Heidelberg <3

Somewhere around Gaisberg View from Riesenstein over Altstadt & Neuenheim.
Under Alte Brücke
Sunset in RohrbachComing down from the mountain through Oberer Gaisbergweg.
Vineyards around Emmertsgrund and Leimen.
Zementwerk Leimen
Bushes full of blackberries!
Pfalz rising in the background.
Matching gradients.

Wannsee & Teltowkanal


Düppeler Forst
Singletrack by Teltowkanal

Finally a proper navigation setup! I’ve been furious about always having to take the phone from my pocket only to miss another turn I should have taken. Garmin did not seem like the best option for me and I had this old buggy Xiaomi phone laying around. Popping a power bank in the burrito bag and I have ~ 8 hours of navigation with unmatched offline maps! The best thing is to be able to do changes to the pre-planned route based on which path I like more and the route is then recalculated on the go.

Burrito bag from KRZR  <3 | planning by Komoot | GPX import to Osmand  or mapy.cz | QuadLock Out Front Mount Pro + Xiaomi Android phone + Xiaomi power bank.

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