Last photo of Berlin

You feel like you have plenty of time for everything.
Until one day, it is the last time and you’re not even aware until the actual last moment.

Myslieť si, že mám kopu času na všetko.
Až jedného dňa je to posledný krát a neviem to až do tej chvíle.

Maybe the last photo of our Berlin.

Heidelberg <3

Somewhere around Gaisberg View from Riesenstein over Altstadt & Neuenheim.
Under Alte Brücke
Sunset in RohrbachComing down from the mountain through Oberer Gaisbergweg.
Vineyards around Emmertsgrund and Leimen.
Zementwerk Leimen
Bushes full of blackberries!
Pfalz rising in the background.
Matching gradients.

Saturn & Jupiter

I think I’ve captured Saturn and Jupiter getting closer for “the great conjuction” that should happen on the solstice (21st of December)! Not on purpose, I was originally only taking picture of the perfect gradient that evening, and then I got curious of what is so bright on the sky. Suddenly, I recalled a cross-posted story from @basslinemanager, originally by @sebastianvoltmer. The date of capture was the 7th of December.

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