Wannsee & Teltowkanal


Düppeler Forst
Singletrack by Teltowkanal

Finally a proper navigation setup! I’ve been furious about always having to take the phone from my pocket only to miss another turn I should have taken. Garmin did not seem like the best option for me and I had this old buggy Xiaomi phone laying around. Popping a power bank in the burrito bag and I have ~ 8 hours of navigation with unmatched offline maps! The best thing is to be able to do changes to the pre-planned route based on which path I like more and the route is then recalculated on the go.

Burrito bag from KRZR  <3 | planning by Komoot | GPX import to Osmand  or mapy.cz | QuadLock Out Front Mount Pro + Xiaomi Android phone + Xiaomi power bank.

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