In this work I focused on inner emotional world as kind of reflection of real life with highlighted significant experiences, which brings new period into life. I am also interested in kind of „memory sediment“- nothing can be forgotten, or declined, every experience has been frozen in memory and forms or deforms human mind.

In metaphorical expression shown in installation, I show time passing and life periods changing as the bathroom chain, where separate elements follow each other and create a continuous line. Sound record of water flowing through shower also symbolizes time passing and makes scene more powerful.

The vertical position of the chain symbolizes flow which involves the tear-like shaped elements, which indicates the presence of negative emotions but also the flow direction and ultimateness of life experiences, their indelibility from memory. Visual aspect of the work is supplemented by record of water flowing in shower, which refers to the intimacy of the mind and the integrity of the inner world and uncompromisingly running time as well.


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