New dirt cheap lens Meike 25 mm f/1.8!

Gothaer Straße

Snow on the Friedhof Alt-Schöneberg. The snowflakes were not very large, so it’s surprise they can be seen at all.

The blur is not caused by out of focus, but by me being hasty and not changing the iso, hence the shutter speed.


Proof, it is worthwhile to take camera with you when taking out trash and going to the shop. Little blackbird <3

The lens has plenty of chromatic aberration in certain situations (hard to test in this no light-no shadow gray weather), but even that is more pleasant and not harsh as the previous AF lens.

Ohlsdorfer Friedhof

Hamburg, you weirdo!

Ohlsdorf Cemetery doubles as a park, where you see joggers and mums with strollers. It is so huge, it even has bus stops within its area. Silence and tranquility, empty roads, alleys, hidden corners with moss-covered gravestones and memorials. I always thought graveyards make good places for a walk or meeting spots.

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