Poloniny VI. – Ulič, Morské Oko

Abandoned truck with French plate, right behind guest house with the only restaurant in Ulič and neighbouring villages.

Nice veranda.

Road to Sobrance.

Clearly abandoned hotel Morské oko in Sobrance.

Morské oko, natural lake. Quiet and romantic spot, something hard to find these days.

Strange shrooms.

Poloniny II. – Humenné & Brekov

Abandoned convenience store in Príslop.

Humenné, currently a bank and possibly previously national savings bank.

Beautiful coloured luxfera (“glass brick”), I wonder why they are not used more commonly.

Traditional folk and open air museum in Humenné. Almost pain to see how poor and undeveloped country we were.

Fast-forward to Manor in Humenné. Apart from traditional exposition which seems interchangeable with any other manor, there were a few artistic decoration elements & detail worth of noticing.

Brekov Castle, just in time for sunset.
Humenné and eponymous village below the castle ruins.

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