Poloniny X. – Snina

Morning light.

There is not much to see in the small town of Snina.
The few photos below are from manor house in Snina, which hosted an exhibition of local painters.
The two angular blocks on the mountain are supposed to be the two top plateaus of Sninský kameň.

Eastern rite meets modern art.
Slovak folklore meets Día de los Muertos.Praying mantis.

The state of cycling infrastructure.

Poloniny VI. – Ulič, Morské Oko

Abandoned truck with French plate, right behind guest house with the only restaurant in Ulič and neighbouring villages.

Nice veranda.

Road to Sobrance.

Clearly abandoned hotel Morské oko in Sobrance.

Morské oko, natural lake. Quiet and romantic spot, something hard to find these days.

Strange shrooms.

Poloniny III. – Ladomírová

I apologize, but due to more information being available in Slovak websites, all the links point to resources in Slovak language. However, Google Translate works like a charm!

Each morning in Ulič was this beautifully foggy.

Entering Medzilaborce. There is the Andy Warhol Museum of Modern Art, but it’s not allowed to take any photos there, so there’s that.

Havaj is real.


Bilingual memorial.

Inside the wooden Church of St. Michael Archangel of Ladomírová.
Krajné Čierno (could be translated as “Outer Black/ness” or “Extreme Black/ness”).

Poloniny I. – Ulič

What we thought is an abandoned wreck, disappeared one day, only to appear later. Absence of registration plate is not relevant here in this region 😀

Notice the identical roof shape – looks like a settlement built for industrial or state workers – makes me think of various settlements such as Masarykova kolónia or Baťova kolónia in Svit. However, there is no apparent industry nearby or anything that would suggest requirement for development of such housing capacities.

Miniatures of the regional wooden churches of the Eastern rite, complete with artifical hilltops and tiny trees. Some of the real counterparts were completely destroyed, so the replicas serve commemoration.

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