Around Blankenese

Elbstrand Break at Falkenstein.At a beach pub, which has Stiegl beer (piece of Austria here feels like being closer home). Matjes Filet

Alster & Blankenese

Alster (river) with Heinrich-Hertz-Turm (Fernsehturm) in the background.

Our bikes at Alster Perle.Damn wind!I love that sign with the tree. Obligatory beer photo, this time at Karolinenviertel.Back in Blankenese.  It’s difficult to capture the cosiness of the area. Also, being a bit cautious about taking out a camera, as you practically see in to people’s kitchens and living rooms when walking the stairs.

I believe this view is a damn good excuse to stay at home, listen to Sonic Youth, read in the corner bed.

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