I didn’t feel very grounded as a kid.

After moving a lot, dropping out of high school and moving out of the house at 16, I turned to photography as a place of refuge. There was a lot of stuff in the world I wanted to take control of. I wanted create a world that’s a little bit magical, that people can kind of get lost in. Photography became my safe haven. I felt lost, and taking pictures gave me a purpose. It felt like the most natural way to express myself. I always want to create a peaceful space.

Excerpt from Laura Taylor’s Interview on The Photographic Journal
photo credit: Laura Taylor

I had a nice chat with The Photographic Journal – take a peak if you’d like! 

A really lovely interview, pinpointing just those issues and attitudes I’m experiecing with portrait or street photography. The feminine point of view(inder) is definitely clear. And it’s awesome to follow someone’s progress, even from the other part of globe.

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