Danielle Hughson

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girl with Hasselblad, Nikon FM, interest in hiking, Modest Mouse and oh yeah, Portland, Oregon. However, there is some calm sadness oozing from the photos & texts.

This paragraph from her profile explains it all.

Female. Weird. Daydreams a lot. Loves animals, especially dogs. Especially black Labrador-cross dogs. Dislikes cowards. Has been in love. Is too loyal. Is too aloof. But strong enough. Sometimes. Two-time marathon runner. Rider of bikes. Voracious reader, when there are books to be read. Perpetual student. Lover of ice cream. Lonelier than you think. Hates that. Inspired by nature. Grateful for many things. Never satisfied. Likes wind. Likes rain. Likes dancing but is not good at it. Likes attention but will rarely seek it. Full of wanderlust. Quietly fierce. Adventurer. Star-gazer.

Found via sabino.

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