My Nikon FM2 has arrived. It looks like brand new, I’m even afraid to start using it. Not because of the money, but because of the fact there won’t be any more produced. I haven’t heard of any more reliable camera coupled with such lens compatibility and price than this one.

With more expensive gear it’s getting more difficult to carry the camera with me all the time, I’m nervous I’ll break or damage it somehow. It’s impossible to buy a whole camera cover, when I’m using variously sized lens. Universal cover is also a drag – putting the camera out of bag and cover takes time, so only way is with my Crumpler.

Now I have more gear than I can handle. It was much easier with Flexaret or cheap Canon noone would miss and with even cheaper lens.

The other thing is I’m so bad at taking care of the gear – after 3 years I’ve finaly bought some equipment for lens cleaning.

So this is a warning – if anything happens to the gear, it’s MY FAULT.

todo & remember notes:

  • get Flexaret & Canon to the repairman
  • get all my equip clean
  • ensure a proper non-dusty storage in the shelf
  • solve the exposure meter problem
  • don’t ever take any camera outdoors without soft & safe cover
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