Long post coming

Focusing so difficult in such light, hot sun and with moving talkative person 😉

And also I’m not happy with the fact, that those photos I like, my model would not, and those which she would are blurry. Fix = pressing shutter all the time.

I had some ‘concept’ in mind, but I have rather given it up and tried to make simple ‘scenes’. If some cliché has accidentally arisen, I’m the first one to be embarrassed, but I don’t care, as long as it stays in the process of learning.

What really makes me confident are galleries of many Slovak professional photographers with their natural studio portraits and celebrities sections. Shall look at them each time before shooting somebody.

I’m mostly satisfied with the last one, even thought the composition in the center isn’t ideal. But as long as it fits the eye, I don’t care about breaking any compositional rules.

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