in case you were interested

What is the gt in lambda gt10 or gt11?

I have it on good authority (i.e., one of the above-named
Who Was There) that "gt" stands for "garbage truck", referring to the
obvious fact & intent that these vectors could haul around any DNA
one chose. I rather doubt it's in any of the publications, so it's
your choice to believe me or dismiss me as a crank.
I stand by, reiterate, and amplify my
earlier statement: "garbage truck" is the original meaning of "gt" in
cloning vector terminology, given by the Davis lab technician who built the
earliest of the vectors. Since she didn't write the papers, "generalized
transducer" was the sanitized form chosen for publication.
Cute names, trivial meaningless names, amusingly irreverent names,
did not begin in 1985 with biotech companies' marketing efforts.

	Anyone care to debate the origins of "amber," "opal" and "ocher"?


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