Setting up my clock for 4:30am to catch train at 6. Wish me some luck! The guy that’s selling the lens seems nice and willing.

But I had enough luck today. My supervisor for bachelor thesis likes my work, the core text is nearly done, I will just have to finish it up. The funny thing is, I’m most excited about his idea to let the head of our allied department read my thesis and unofficially oppose my work. What a simple reward for a student. And also a motivation to get it done right.

On Monday I’m heading for SAV to learn something new and also for a lunch with my dad, which works nearby.

I’ve had some great days, experienced this weird level of clarity and calmness (even though I’m drinking wine & vodka everyday, but that’s neither reason nor obstacle).

Only part of my body that looks adult and not childish (I don’t mean older) is my left hand. And that’s only when my nails are not bitten.

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