Clear mind. Empty as long as I’m out there.

I didn’t think I could get into it this much, I feel like if I stop moving I’ll lose the will next time.

I fell in love with my sleeping bag, it’s wrapping me all around, it’s MY movable space noone would ever inhabit. I’m disgusted by showers and soaps. Suddenly I’m feeling cold everywhere.

For a while I thought “Because we’re grownups now and it’s our turn to decide what that means.” [xkcd strip, but I don’t mean the lovely meaning of it]. Jolting vision pushed the frames together to get blurry picture. Still discovering all the things I DON’T KNOW.

Maybe I like all this hiking because I can choose where to go and where to stay. Because I can make plans and look forward to them. Simply go to bed with looking forward to the next day.

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