I’m desperately out of money. A need for 24 back has appeared, together with need of cheap 220 film, which was not that cheap at all (now I’m overcoming my desire to use the f*words on ebay). Plus the small expenses like camera strap, remote trigger and now even new exposure meter (lost within 20 metres).

First three films weren’t such a hooray (that hass is sooo serious), so maybe it’s time for shooting digital.

So, yesterday I did, on a training of fireshow & juggling group. Shooting such genre with manual focus lens takes lot of shots. They must have thought I made million shots. I’m not sure if they will like it, altough they didn’t have any requests and the shooting was without any concrete purpose. I’ve taken it as a chance to shoot with people, real people. And also to apply a different approach, something I would consider more documentary. (even if it’s not so, it’s fun to think it is 😉

Will have to come another week.

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