Today was quite hard, a serie of sleeping in and waking up with weird dreams on my mind plus the sad news.

A view from room, I live in it for a few years, but the view on the garage and little parking place in front of is totally strange. As if I knew it is boring outside, so I don’t even look and recognize it.

My subconsionscness plays tricks on me, it doesn’t show that much as these days.

Woke up at 4:20, angry moths in my belly.

But this is actually not why did I start this post, I wanted to write down some stupid list of things I want to do/buy as the Christmas are coming.

  • Finish the presents.
  • Buy great amount of wine.
  • Buy great amount of vegetables.
  • Get that wrapping paper with mooses.
  • Do baking and DECORATING the cupcakes and make som dusty and sticky photoreport.

I appreciate feeling well much more, I don’t know where does this feeling come from.

One day I could come to like myself.

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